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Interesting Threads May 23, 2008

These are interesting threads from Rec.juggling. Click on the links above the quotes to read the entire threads. The quote is the original post or a condensed summary of mine if it is a really long post.

I like the idea of posting links to threads I find interesting, if for no other reason than I can find them easily when I'm bored. :-) So here are a few more that I've enjoyed reading.

Are there juggling-videos of historic value?

Imagine someone who doesn't know anything about juggling and its cultural conditions asks you for some juggling videos in order to get an overview about juggling and its development (18xx - today). Which videos would you show that person?

As there are tons of good juggling videos out there, I'm interested in finding out if there are any that one should have seen absolutely. You know, which ones are the essentials that still will be watched in 50 years or so because of their content. I know it's hard, but please try to mention up to 20 videos (not more!) that you think are important. Let's see where it gets us... have fun, thank you Jo

What the Duck!?

so let's see something happen. show me some action. make something new!

please and thank you.


The Juggling Crib - laura
THE JUGGLING CRIB is a juggling related comic strip featuring some local jugglers here in Stockholm, Sweden. In the main cast you can watch bad imitations of jugglers like Elias Hedlund, Wes Peden, Peter Ã…berg and Jay Gilligan amongst others.*

New strip every monday

Feel free to give feedback either here or at eliashedlund AT gmail DOT com

* The script and all characters in this comic are based and inspired by real life situations. The following strip contains coarse language and due to its content it should not be viewed by anyone. The truth is always nastier though.

/ Elias Hedlund

social desire
What do you all think about performers being valued or devalued based on gender presentation? I was prompted to write this after reading the new 'Juggling Crib' comic, but i hope this to be a seperate discussion on what perspective or experiences some of you might have on this topic. I have a few things to share that I'm sure are very limited so I really hope to open it up to everybody (particullarly those who may have unique experiences or perspectives to share).

Just a recently I saw a show where I woman performer got a super great reception. She had a nice routine, but I think people were really celebrating her in terms of her sexyness. Maybe I was jealous, but I realy felt that If I had done her routine, in the way she had done it, that it would not have been very well liked at all (by the same audience). I am not saying it was a bad routine, or that there is anything wrong with any one acting sexy on stage. But I wonder if audiences are missing out on women who may not to play it up.

Fun fact: I have been called 'a faggot' more times when I have been juggling than when I have not (even if you count junior high-school [that's 11 to 13 yrs or grades 7-8 in the u.s.])!

Sorry this is conceptually messy and probably full of typos. -brian

Four ball videos
I`ve seen quite a lot of really good and impressing four ball videos which I found on rec. juggling.

Whar are the best four ball juggling videos or four ball parts in juggling videos that you know?

All suggestions are welcome!

Best wishes and sunny spring greetings from Austria




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