Friday, May 23, 2008

Juggling Research Survey

There are some jugglers who are trying to answer the question, "Which is the most interesting siteswap [juggling pattern]?" They've created an interesting online survey. When you go to the survey, simply create a user profile (1 minute) and select the more interesting pattern you see between the pairs of patterns presented. Click 'next' as many times as you want to continue the survey. There are 70 different patterns which can be combined in a VERY large number of ways, so just go as far as you are interested, in terms of 'next'. Below is the original post on rec.juggling. Or, if you want, read the entire rec.juggling thread about it.


I was talking to a friend of mine and this question came out of nowhere: Which is the most interesting siteswap? (Well, actually it came out of a couple of beers)

After that question, we found another: is there a "most interesting siteswap" for everyone or everyone has a different opinion?

We were so curious about this question that we created a web site to find out. The url is and we will need as many opinions as possible.

In the web site, you will be asked to compare several pairs of juggling animations and in each pair you should select the one which is more interesting to you.

When we have enough information we will try to find out if it is possible to "guess" how interesting is a siteswap using only the numbers in the siteswap, without looking at the animation.

Comments, suggestions and beers are welcome.




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