Saturday, October 13, 2007

Help Me Improve!

I want to make my blog interesting for readers other than myself. Could you take a few moments to browse my blog and make suggestions or criticisms? What do you think makes a juggling blog worth visiting? What turns you away?




At 5:40 AM, Blogger Bantrian said...

Hey i need help to almost no one looks at mine but yourblog is interesting. If im catching this right u are a teacher working in south korea!?! Ive always been interested in korea so keep me posted!

At 5:46 AM, Blogger Ed Provencher said...

Yeah, I'm in Korea teaching English. Check out my other blog for stories and information about my time in Korea... Email me if you are interested in coming here and I will help you!

At 2:25 PM, Anonymous Perry said...


I'm a big fan but since you asked here are a few things I think you could do to improve.

"Top 10 ways you can improve your blog"

To build traffic.

1. Create better headlines. I subscribe to your blog through an RSS feed reader and the headlines don't grab me. An excellent source with tips on improving headlines is He's got a ton of info about improving headlines and writing in general.

2. Comment on other blogs. You already do this a bit. But you could probably do more. Find someone with a blog who has an audience your blog appeals to and become a frequent commentor.

3. Link to other blogs. You already do this too, but you could try to include links to other's blogs in your posts. Linking to juggling.rec is good but it won't get other bloggers to link to you. Spend that link love on another blogger be it a juggling blog, a games blog, unicycle, circus, etc.

4. Get signed up for Technorati. Other bloggers can find you more easily.

5. Make it easy to subscribe to your feed. This way people don't have to remember to return to your blog each day. They'll either get an email or an updated headline.

6. Create linkable content. People love lists and "how-tos" etc. You've got some great stuff here but it's not packaged in some simple, easy to find way. eg. 25 best places to get juggling equipment.

Making your blog sticky.

7. Make it obvious what the blog is about. When someone comes to your blog the first thing they see is "I can't stop juggling" Ok, I get it, it's a blog about juggling. But what about juggling. Is it a list of stuff going on in the juggling world, does it provide tips, questions, what? Right in the header you should describe what the blog is trying to accomplish. You do know what you're trying to accomplish right?

8. Figure out who your audience is and write to attract them. If it is other jugglers, then give them a reason to come back. If it is non-jugglers, give them reasons to come back. Create a "juggling tutorial" that you link on the sidebar. Create a "best of list" that someone new to the blog could read and understand. Become an expert and people will flock to your blog.

9. Update your template. You're using a standard blogger template that many other's are using. Try to at least get a custom header.

10. Give people a reason to come back. Run a contest, do a quiz that has an answer that'll post at a later time. Talk about people who frequent your blog.

And here's one more bonus idea...

11. Move off of blogger, register your own domain, and start using Wordpress. Right now you've created a ton of content that is owned by Blogger. They wouldn't but if they did want to shut you out, there isn't much you can do to get your content back. On your own website you can really create something that is an asset. You can almost build it into a business if you want. This guy is the guru I follow...

another great site for blogger tips is

Hope that helps.

You've got great content and many more people should be reading you.


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