Monday, December 03, 2007

Juggling in Stockholm/Amsterdam

I have my plane tickets and host.els booked. In just two more days, I will be on my way to Europe. I will be in Sweden for 3 weeks followed by 4 nights in Amsterdam.

I'm trying to hook up with jugglers in both cities. So far it looks like I may be able to meet some jugglers in Amsterdam on December 30. Joost from rec.juggling replied to my post about it and said they usually have a juggling meeting on Sunday. He also mentioned going out afterwards, so I'm pleased that I could have a local as a guide for a night.

There is a juggler in Stockholm named Elias Hedlund who made a really cool juggling video called "I think all you scientists are crackpots". It would be nice to meet him and maybe learn a trick or two, or just simply be amazed with his skills. Wes Peden is also in Sweden, but I think he's busy with circus school. I'll have to give him an email to see where he's at.


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