Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Juggling Pacific Northwest Style

During the month of February 2008 I returned to the US to obtain a criminal background check for my new job in South Korea. Going from a juggling wasteland (S. Korea) to a juggling superculture (Oregon) was a huge breath of fresh air for me.

While on this trip I was able to watch the OSU Jugglers perform for a local kids group, practice with the OSU Jugglers, practice with the Corvallis Jugglers, practice with the Portland Jugglers, practice with the University of Oregon Jugglers, and visit the new Serious Juggling store in Portland.

This is a photo of a carpet being used at the Serious Juggling store. I asked if it was for sale, but it was not.

Here is a short clip of a Portland Jugglers club meeting I attended. The number of people here would make a great small festival anywhere. And these lucky jugglers get to experience this every Wednesday night!

The University of Oregon Juggling Club has a great practice facility with high ceilings, sound system, and warm temperatures. I'm not sure what the name of the trick is that this guy is doing, but it looks cool.

My next trip back to Oregon may be in March 2009 for the Pacific Northwest Juggling Convention. This all depends on my work situation and so on. The University of Oregon has a MA degree program for teaching English as a foreign language, so it's possible that I may find my way to that region again.



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