Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Sweet Juggling Vacation

I'm at the airport in Portland, Oregon surfing on the free wireless internet at this moment. If Oregonians know one thing, it's the importance of free wireless internet.

My journey back to Seoul, Korea began this morning at 6:30 and will take me about 21 hours door-to-door. I've ended a 21 day trip to Oregon to get a Criminal Background Check for work as an English teacher in Korea. In those 21 days, I did a lot of fun things including juggling.

Just about everyday I went to McAlexander Fieldhouse, pictured below.

McA, as it is referred to, is where I juggled when I was on my own or with the OSU Jugglers Club. I've mentioned it before... Korea does not have very many indoor facilities that are open to jugglers, so McA was a treat.

I visited the Portland Jugglers Club twice, and the University of Oregon Jugglers Club once during my visit to Oregon. I stopped by the new Serious Juggling shop in Portland to chat with Ben and Ivette, and contacted Jim, owner of The Flying Clipper, about some balls I am reviewing for him.

I picked up some Dube wood cigar boxes, small flair bottles, and sent a Nils Poll Bowler hat to be modified by a hat restoration company.

During my practice sessions, I really got into using Juggling Lab, the siteswap generator. I'm beginning to explore more of the '4b multiplex families' I used in my 4b video.

All in all, it was a fantastic trip in many ways, but particularly with respect to juggling.


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