Wednesday, January 23, 2008

M.I.A. Report

So I've been Missing In Action (MIA) for a while. Here is an update on my situation.

In December I went to Sweden via Stockholm to visit with my family. Unfortunately, I could not meet any of the local jugglers.

I spent 4 nights during the new year celebration in Amsterdam on my way back to Korea. I was able to meet a juggler by the name of Joost Dessing. He is a Ph.D. who studies human movement via juggling! Yes, he is as cool as his field of work. Joost met me on my first night in Amsterdam for a Belgium beer tasting session and a good chat. I was going to meet up with him and some of the local jugglers there on a regular club meeting night, but I lost Joost's phone number and couldn't find the location!!!! I was seriously pissed off at myself and embarassed that I made such a silly mistake.

Since I've been in Korea, I've begun to take Korean language lessons full time at Yonsei University. I've completely stopped working, but I'm planning to go to the 2008 EJC event in Karlsruhe so I'm considering taking on a part time teaching job. Also, I've recently contacted a children's party entertainment business and it's possible that I will be juggling for them.

I'm extremely happy to attend Yonsei University because I have access to an old gymnasium for juggling practice. I've decided to move to an apartment that is only a 5 minute walk from my classroom and a 15 minute walk from the gym.


At 7:32 AM, Blogger Robert (Son of) Young said...

hey man, I am a amateur clown who has just moved to Sapgyo, South Korea to teach English at a local mission school. I like your blog. I found it looking for the juggling store in Seoul (at least I think it is in Seoul, my Korean is minimal at the moment, and my reading it is nihl).

Though I am not a great juggler, i would love to get together with you sometime to chat and juggle. Drop me a line at


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