Saturday, February 16, 2008

Endless Freestyle Juggling

Last Summer I produced a 4b multiplex video. It took me a few months of practice to get the tricks I used solid enough to film. The idea behind the video was to demonstrate how these multiplex siteswaps could be connected with each other rather easily. Something of which I discovered in the process of learning 4b multiplex tricks. The video was intended to encourage jugglers to explore the numerous combinations available with the demonstrated set of siteswaps.

I could do these tricks *blind folded* as they say. Well not really, but I can do them pretty damn well. I have begun to explore deeper into 4b multiplex siteswaps. I want to expand the 'families' I began with... the [54] family, [43] family, [53] family, and [64] family.

I also want to explore the combination of non-multiplex siteswaps and multiplex siteswaps within these families. For a quick and easy example, let's look at the [54] family tricks I used in the video. (Note: the [54] family is much bigger than these 3 members)


Each of these tricks can easily be combined with these 4b siteswaps:


These are, in fact, the first 4b non-multiplex siteswaps I've combined with 4b multiplex siteswaps. This was an exciting discovery for me in that I have come one step closer to having a bag of tricks with which I can freestyle endlessly.



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