Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Interesting Threads May 28, 2008

These are interesting threads from Rec.juggling. Click on the links above the quotes to read the entire threads. The quote is the original post or a condensed summary of mine if it is a really long post.

Definitition of "Squeeze"

What is the definition of a "squeeze"? Are there different types of squeezes? Thanks.

Jason interviews Wes & Jason interviews Wes: Jason's Version should be mentioned at the same time. I won't add the original posts because they are really long. These are really interesting reads in many ways.

The Juggling Crib - Lube
THE JUGGLING CRIB is a juggling related comic strip featuring some local jugglers here in Stockholm, Sweden. In the main cast you can watch bad imitations of jugglers like Elias Hedlund, Wes Peden, Peter Ã…berg and Jay Gilligan amongst others.*

Feel free to give feedback either here or at eliashedlund AT gmail DOT com

* The script and all characters in this comic are based and inspired by real life situations. The following strip contains coarse language and due to its content it should not be viewed by anyone. The truth is always nastier though.

/ Elias Hedlund

I was curious how other jugglers feel about JUI (juggling under the influence). I used to be a pretty dedicated gamer and liked nothing more than to puff a bit on my magical hippy pipe of wonder and sit down to a few hours of Halo or Everquest or whathaveyou. Now, thought, since I started juggling, after an evening of typical hippy antics I usually spend that time juggling. It is interesting to think about if my drug-induced runs are more or less productive than sober-minded ones (i am still not sure, but i am selflessly continuing to experiment as often as i can).

Any thoughts? now online
Hey there,

Check out - the only wiki site dedicated to diabolo.

Feel free to add, change and learn from the site.





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