Friday, November 25, 2005

Mills Mess Proper

A thread on rec.juggling asked what people think the most aesthetically pleasing pattern is. I said it was Mill's Mess and 5 club MM specifically (but any would do). Steve Mills, the man whom the trick is named, chimed in to correct the name I gave it. He said it's actually called Mills Mess. Another guy wrote to suggest that the correct grammatical spelling should be Mills' Mess. Here was Steve Mills' reply:

Technically it is Mills Mess because:

I did not name it, it was originally the the answer to "what is that"! Barett Felker and Ed Jackman and a few others saw it and this was in 1974 (I think) it was the LA convention. and one of them said "what a mess" then someone else said it is a "Mills Mess" so originally it was not used in "ownership but as a statement of description.

I did not know that it was named that for a long time as I had a severe accident just after the convention on a 15 foot tall unicycle and it took a long time to walk again, let alone juggle. When I returned to a convention in Purchase NY, I thought people were joking about the trick having a name. I was surprised and now am very thankful.

Steve Mills

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