Tuesday, June 13, 2006

WJF Uniforms & Youtube Group

I received an announcement this morning that the WJF is requiring uniforms for its competitors. The uniforms must be color matched to the colors of the country you are representing. There are options for tank tops, and short sleeves, men's and women's styles. Competitors will have numbers assigned and will have the WJF logo embroidered on the uniform. The cost for the uniform will be over $60 for the shirt and matching shorts.

The link to the order form: http://www.thewjf.com/private/uniforms/uniforminfo.html

My initial reaction to the announcement was surprise, however I quickly realized that uniforms are used in most other competitive sports I can think of. I like this move by the WJF.

The announcement included a message about a youtube.com group for people to post videos where they talk about the WJF or post videos of juggling. This is an interesting idea. I'm looking forward to seeing how this pans out.


Quote of the Day
The norm is obedience, adoption of uncritical attitudes, taking the easy path of self-deception. ~Noam Chomsky



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