Saturday, August 05, 2006

I'm leaving America

I've decided to postpone graduate school and head overseas to teach English. My goal is to teach in Saudi Arabia or the United Arab Emerates.

I am confident that I will go to Korea to teach if Saudi Arabia/UAE doesn't work out. I am more than qualified to teach in Korea. Teaching in Korea is also lucrative, but I won't get to learn Arabic like I want to.

I responded to a post on rec.juggling of an American in Korea who wanted to host jugglers and since then have decided that teaching English in Korea will be my backup plan.

I've had more time for juggling and I'm loving it. I've even gotten two of my Saudi roomates addicted to juggling already. They've been juggling for 3 weeks and have already begun to learn Mills Mess.

Quote of the Day
I finally realized that being a role model doesn't mean people are encouraged to be like me - they're encouraged to go out and be more of themselves. ~Lucy Lawless


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