Tuesday, February 13, 2007

WJF 4b Connection Competition

The WJF hosted a 4b Connection Competition. Here were the rules:
WJF Video Competition I

This competition is a 4 ball connection competition. Your goal is to connect as many different four ball moves together for as long as possible. Each move may only be done once, and cycle through the pattern a minimum of two times and a maximum of three times. Patterns not allowed are as follows:
1. Basic fountain pattern in synch or asynch
2. Basic Half Shower
3. Wimpy Pattern (Synch crossing pattern)

Multiplex patterns may not connect to another multiplex pattern. They must be separated by non multiplexing patterns.

The competitor who has the longest and most difficult non repetitive 4 ball connection routine will win.


1. You must be a silver level member to compete. Bronze level members may upgrade their membership to a silver level for $10.00 IF they compete in this competition.

2. You must not have competed in any WJF advanced competitions.

3. Videos must not be edited. One shot, one angle only.

4. Videos must be submitted no later than February 8th, 2007.

Here are the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place entries:

3rd Place: Joe Showers

Norbi the Juggler (Video on his website.)

2nd Place: Norbi

1st Place: Arash Farhang


1st Place: Full Convention Package*, Silver Level Membership for friend or family member, and the 2006 Overall Championship DVD

2nd Place: 1/2 off Convention package price at time of purchase*, Bronze Level Membership for friend or family member and the 2006 Overall Championship DVD

3rd Place: WJF Calendar and the 2006 Overall Championship DVD

*Convention package prizes are non transferrable. They must be used by the winner of the competition.


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