Saturday, July 28, 2007

3rd Ansan Int. Busking Festival Pt. 2

The facility used for the 3rd Ansan International Busking Festival was quite large. It was a giant sport center which also had a large performance auditorium. However, none of the busking acts performed indoors or in the stadium.

It's hard to really call it busking in the first place since it is an organized event. "Busking" is a word that means "street performing" and is done in busy streets around the world. One of the challenges of busking is gathering a crowd to watch your act and then getting them to give you some money. At this festival, the performers didn't have to work too hard to get the crowd since people new it was a place to watch performances. Anyway.

The event lasted from Friday May 4 to Sunday May 6. I went on Sunday and was not able to see all the acts. So I will talk about the acts I did get to see.

The first act I want to talk about is Tezuca. Tezuca is a pantomime performer. He doesn't do any talking and uses physical comedy to get reactions from the crowd. I thought he was really good and not just because he chose me to participate in his show.

He asked me to hold a small disco ball over his head while he lipsinked " I will always love you" by Whitney Houston. Whenever Whitney hit a high note, he would put a piece of lemon in his mouth to make his face look funny and continue with the song. By the end of his act I was wearing glitter hair and eating lemon too. Here are some photos:

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