Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Korean Network Grows

Last Sunday was a great day at the park. I met a Korean juggler, Byeong-Yoon, from Busan, about 3 hours away by high speed train. I don't know why he was visiting Seoul, but I'm glad he did. He is closer to my age than the high school kids, so that was a refreshing change.

I tried teaching Byeong-Yoon and the others some 4b multiplex patterns I used in my recent video. It was a lot of information for them to take in, so I hope they remember a couple of the patterns or at least are inspired to practice them some more.

Another semi-fun thing that happened was having some people stop by to learn to juggle. I don't usually like to teach juggling when I'm practicing because I find it difficult to focus on my juggling if I'm talking with someone. The truth is, I would teach people to juggle a lot more if I were to let it happen. There is always someone who is looking at or hovering around my props as if they want to play. It's hard to know where to set the teaching/practicing boundaries. I always feel like a jerk when I don't teach someone, but I deal with it.

Below are two random girls that stopped by to do some juggling. A few other random Koreans stopped by as well.


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