Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Video Feedback

I'm happy to say I've received positive feedback about the 4b Families video.

I'm heading out to practice now to see what interesting patterns I can find by mixing the families. In the 4b Families video, I only connected tricks in the same family. The next video will have different families connected.

I'm also going to look into other 4b multiplex patterns to possibly broaden the families. Currently, I only include 3 patterns in each family.

Soon I will start looking into 5b multiplex patterns and also start mixing non-multiplex patterns with multiplex patterns using 4b.

Quote of the Day
The idea of perfect closes your mind to new standards.. When you drive hard toward one ideal, you miss opportunities and paths, not to mention hurting your confidence. Believe in your potential and then go out and explore it; don’t limit it. ~John Eliot, Ph.D., Reverse Psychology for Success


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