Tuesday, June 12, 2007

423 Exploring the Space

A really cool "semi-pro" juggler/ extraordinary comedian/ and friend named Aaron Gregg made a fantastic demonstration video where he and two others do variations on the siteswap pattern 423 with clubs. Here is the the link to the video, or you can watch the embed below.

As I slowly get better at club juggling, I'm finding the 423 patterns really appealing. There are only three clubs to worry about and there are a lot of interesting variations.

As a side note, the Siteswaps DVD Disc 1 has a nice 423 demonstration as well. I highly recommend adding the Siteswaps DVDs to your juggling video collection. There is a ton of stuff for balls, clubs, and bounce. You can read more about it in my product reviews.

Quote of the Day
Most human beings have an almost infinite capacity for taking things for granted. ~Aldous Huxley (1894 - 1963), "Themes and Variations", 1950



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