Friday, May 25, 2007

Do What You Love - North American Tour

If you read my blog regularly, you might have noticed my plans for travelling around the world. I am calling it the Do What You Love - World Tour. This tour is scheduled to take place from January 1, 2010 - December 31, 2010. I will attend as many juggling festivals around the world as I am able. I do not plan on attending any festivals in the North America.

I am 31 months away from the World Tour, but I can't help to start planning my Do What You Love - North American Tour. According to the festival listings, there were 43 juggling festivals in Candada and the United States of America during 2006.

My plan is to purchase a Volkswagon Westfalia Camper and drive it around North America for an entire year while attending as many of the juggling festivals as I am able.

I'd like to take this tour in 2011 after I return to Korea for one year in 2010 to save up the money for the VW Westfalia and for my travel expenses.

Quote of the Day
Be open to your dreams, people. Embrace that distant shore. Because our mortal journey is over all too soon. ~David Assael, Northern Exposure, It Happened in Juneau, 1992



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