Thursday, May 17, 2007

Juggling Podcasts

Juggling Podcasts. This is interesting. Professional jugglers, Luke Burrage and Pola Braendle, team up every week to record themselves discussing juggling/performing related topics and conduct interviews with great jugglers.

From their website:

Luke Burrage and Pola Braendle are professional jugglers based in Berlin, Germany. Each week they talk (in English) about events in the juggling world, review shows, report on festivals and conventions, and cover many other topics.

Don't worry if you aren't a good juggler or you're not connected with the juggling scene in any way. Luke and Pola don't talk technical details of juggling tricks, instead they discuss bigger issues such as making a living by juggling, creativity and performing, the state of the world of juggling...

Warning: podcast contains strong opinions!

One big feature of the podcasts are the special guest interviews with some of the world's greatest juggling performers. So far Luke and Pola have done feature interviews with Ryo Yabe, Emiliano Alessi Sanchez, Thomas Dietz, Taras Pozdnyakov, Mikhail Usov, Stefan Sing, Viktor Kee, Eric Nilson and Team Rootberry. Other inteviews are already recorded with Charlie Dancey, Jeff and Wes Peden, Marco Bonissimo and Bibi and Bichu. And because Luke and Pola are friends with other top jugglers, they've been promised interviews with jugglers like Sean Gandini and Kati Yla-Hokkala, Eric Aberg, Maksim Komaro, Marco Pauletti, Donald Grant, Get the Shoe and quite a few more besides.

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At 11:26 AM, Anonymous Juggling Videos said...

Those juggling podcasts are really good !

At 11:20 AM, Anonymous Perry said...

I also enjoy Luke's podcast. It makes great listening while off on a long joggle.

I just participated in a podcast by a couple of American jugglers. It's called Jugglers on Juggling. Not nearly as slick as Luke's podcast (and a bit more technical) but it's still interesting.

Jugglers on Juggling


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