Sunday, July 01, 2007

4b Multiplex Families Vid

I finally got out and found a decent location to film myself doing 4b multiplex patterns. I have a lot of footage, about 12 minutes, and I still need to film a few more connection patterns.

The idea behind the video is that it will be a demonstrational. I won't do any explaining aside from using siteswap notation overlays. I want to encourage people to try what I'm doing.

I've got 4 families of multiplex patterns that will be featured:

[43] Family with 3 patterns
[53] Family with 3 patterns
[54] Family with 3 patterns
[64] Family with 3 patterns

There are more patterns in each family that I've recorded or even know about. Each pattern I used is shown individually and in connection with each of the other patterns in the family and once in connection with all 3 of the family members. So that means 7 sets of clips for each family, or 28 clips total.

I'm not sure how many more connection clips I will film. I'd like to demonstrate how nearly all of the patterns can be connected fairly easily.

There are 479,001,600 permutations of the 12 different patterns. I'll go ahead and say a few of those wouldn't be possible according to siteswap science, but A LOT MORE OF THEM would be possible.

My goal isn't to chronicle every combination. Rather, I just want to contribute something to the juggling community that I have found to be incredibly satisfying.

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At 6:53 AM, Blogger Perry said...


Do you have a good source that thoroughly explains siteswap?

Perry, 44

At 8:10 AM, Blogger Ed Provencher said...

rkjPerry, the Siteswaps DVD by The Media Circus has a 50 minute section solely for explaining siteswaps. It is by far the best explanation that exists on video. The problem with that is the dvds (3 of them) cost around $75.

I have a link in my side bar to a webpage that has a decent tutorial with animations. If you like reading explanations and watching animations, then that would be sufficient.

That would also be a cheaper way to learn as would getting someone who knows siteswaps to show/explain it. Learning the fundamentals takes maybe 15 minutes in conversation with demonstration.

I would recommend posting specific questions on rec.juggling, or searching through it's database for previous discussions.

HTH :-)


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