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Interesting Threads June 6, 2008

These are interesting threads from Rec.juggling. Click on the links above the quotes to read the entire threads. The quote is the original post or a condensed summary of mine if it is a really long post.

purpose of juggling
It seems to me like everyone is saying that you should juggle to do new tricks that no one has done before. I see a trick that i like and i want to learn it. Once you learn that trick there are endless variations on that trick and endless variations on those variations, so why do people say its so bad to learn tricks you have seen before. In the future when you have learned all of these tricks that hav the endless posibilities then you can use creativity around them. This is how new tricks are born! Then if you are throwing all of these backcrosses and decide "oh wat if i can throw them under my arm and a backcross at the same time a new trick is born." I think that becoming an amazing juggler and learning all of the tricks you see is exactly the key to unlocking new tricks. Any responses?

Transitions out of a 4 ball shower?
Hi there

Anybody knows any cool transitions out of a 4 ball full shower?


1up 4up Variation
Hi rec.

I was playing around with 1up 4up variations [1] last week and I'd like to suggest a trick for someone to get on video because I am not up to the challenge as I suck at pirouettes.

The trick:

(starting from 5 ball cascade)
1. Throw one very high and collect two in each hand.
2. Throw synch _split_ duplexes so that one split is much higher than the other.
3. Do a pirouette under each of the throws (3-stage pirouette?) and go back into cascade.

Thanks to anyone who attempts this and kudos to anyone that actually gets it on video.


Vova Galchenko Article in NY Times
Link to the article



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