Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Slump Switching Is Win-Win

I mainly, almost 99% of the time juggle balls. I am in the biggest slump of my 832 day juggling career. Oh, I know 832 days isn't really that long of a time, but it's a real slump. I'm not seeing any progress on a whole bunch of tricks that I've "learned" a few months ago. I know all about the learning curve and how I can expect this slump to pass and how I will be better if I am patient with the process. Instead of pushing through this slump with more focused ball practice, this time I'm using a strategy I'll call Slump Switching.

Slump Switching is my plan to start practicing cigar boxes, rings, and contact a hell of a lot more so that my ball juggling mind can take a rest. I've even started club passing again. It's all in the hopes that my mind can use this break to figure out how it will make the next step in the learning curve. Of course, the benefit of Slump Switching is that I will become a more versatile juggler like my inspiration, Matt Hall. Matt juggles with balls, clubs, boxes, and diabolo.

I have this wild idea that I can get good enough to compete in the WJF in 2010 in the intermediate ball division. I realize that goal is now over four years away, but it has been my goal for nearly one year and has helped me focus a ton of time and energy into ball juggling. So much so that I have neglected my desire to learn the other forms of juggling I originally set out to learn.

I believe that in the natural course of life, it is times like these that life itself directs you to where you should be. In this case, I should be focusing on broadening my juggling skills... giving the balls a bit of a rest. It really is a win-win for me in the long run, because I am sure that a break from intense ball training is good for ball training, and I will fulfill my goal of being a versatile juggler.

Quote of the Day
The majority of men meet with failure because of their lack of persistence in creating new plans to take the place of those which fail. ~Napoleon Hill


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