Sunday, September 24, 2006

Juggling in Bucheon

So I've been in Korea for two days now. I was able to go to Bucheon with my host juggler, James. We walked from the bus stop to a local market for breakfast and to look around. After that, we walked a couple blocks to a college so we could find space to juggle.

The kids in the picture below were watching us with a lot of passerbys. They became a little annoying when they started going into our bags to get our props out. Typical kids.

Some teenagers came up to us and asked us to play basketball with them. We accepted and they won the match 10-7. Then they asked us to teach them how to juggle. That was a lot of fun. We taught them how to do contact juggling and 3 ball cascade. I took a picture with all of us in it afterwards.

It was a lot of fun. James is a great club passer too, so we had fun passing together. We did this interesting 5 club pattern in multiple variations which I am looking forward to videotaping.

Quote of the Day

If you come to a fork in the road, take it. ~Yogi Berra


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