Sunday, November 26, 2006

Bucheon, Dusty Props & Session

On Saturday, James and I went to Bucheon College to use their gymnasium for some juggling. We discovered that is was closed when we got there. This wasn't a major problem since it was very warm and sunny that day.

After a few minutes of juggling, one of the kids we met last time we were here recognized us. He called his buddy and we had a mini-reunion.

I showed this guy how to do basic take outs. He was so excited when he finally landed the trick. Admittedly, my own box skills are lacking, but I'm planning to practice much more. I think I will buy the Ohaka video as I've heard that it has a lot of material.

This guy spent a good while with the bounce balls. I suspect he is as good as I am now. This is another prop that I have that I don't use enough. I've never run across a tutorial video or someone who knew any tricks besides 3 ball force and 5 ball lift. I'm waiting with my fingers crossed that someone puts out a definitive bounce instructional video.

I've been in Korea for 9 weeks and this day's session was by far the most fun and productive. I've been craving a good session like this. I don't have a regular schedule or location that I can go to and juggle 5 balls. I can do 5b cascade, splits, half shower, and reverse cascade at the apartment, but nothing with high throws. I've come close to signing a contract to teach English a few times, but each time I have rejected the offer for multiple reasons. Mostly, I don't trust employers here. Therefore, I am suffering from a lack of a consistent schedule and nearby indoor location for winter sessions.

I miss my juggling world from back in Oregon. OSU Jugglers, Corvallis Juggling & Unicycling Club, OSU's world class fitness facility with 6 basketball courts and 8 racquetball courts, my routine and job and everything.

I would consider it a failure for me to go home without finding a job at the end of my 90 day visa. I've really enjoyed my time in Korea and all the edventures I've had. I can feel better because at least I've made the trip, I've made the leap to find something different, I've tried.

I would also consider it a success for me to go home because my personal values in negotiating for a contract have been honored throughout. I have respected my sense of what is important to me and that has strengthened these things.

Quote of the Day

I honestly think it is better to be a failure at something you love than to be a success at something you hate. ~George Burns


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