Monday, September 03, 2007

Juggling Discovery

After a 4 week juggling layoff (doctor's orders), I got my first session in today. Things went pretty well for 4b, but 5b had a slow start. After 3.5 years of juggling, I'm surprised at how unstable my 5b cascade is. Surprisingly, things began to stabalize when I started working on 75661 and 7441. Maybe my mind and body prefer patterns with variations in throw types.

My club practice went better than balls. I discovered a really interesting trick involving 3 clubs and head rolls. As time has gone by, I've begun to explore my own personal interests in juggling which I think has lead to improved skills. The things I explore are simply interesting to me, and therefore motivating and fun. It's a great realization that in this process, I'm developing a style that reflects my personality.

I stopped my practice 15 minutes early when I busted my upper lip on a club knob. That was the first time I've bled from a juggling injury. I feel like I've been initiated somehow...


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