Wednesday, August 27, 2008

MOM blogged me

The Ministry of Manipulation blogged about my blog recently. Here is the link. Pretty cool! The guys over at MOM are hoping to get me back into posting here. The gap in my postings is growing day by day, but it's not because I don't have anything to say about juggling. It's because I'm spending so much of my free time and energy on learning to speak Korean. Also, I've been swimming laps at the pool for exercise to get rid of the spare tire around my waist (something juggling has not been able to do for me). Both of my goals are manifesting themselves, however my juggling related activities have had to take the back seat. No worries though, life goes in cycles. Soon enough, I'll return to the juggling blogospehere.

In the meantime, I'm testing out some new balls. A while back, I got my hands on some Flying Clipper Hybrid Toss-a-balls. You can read about my review of them here. Flying Clipper has released an newer version that is bigger and underfilled to meet the needs of people who like an underfilled ball. The ones I have are called Hybrid Super Soft 3.0. I'll give a review of the new balls in a couple months after I've had some time to play with them and form an opinion.


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