Thursday, February 16, 2006

Has juggling changed you?

This was my response to the rec.juggling post: Has juggling changed you?

Juggling gives me so much enjoyment. Juggling gives me a sense of fullfillment. It is one activtivity that I can count on to challenge me, engage me, allow me to lose myself or find myself in. (There are other activities for me like photography, running, and teaching.)

I'm experiencing more joy in life than I've ever imagined possible becuase of juggling and I am sharing that joy with others. I can look at anyone and say "I love juggling" and they'll see a sparkle in my eye that comes from doing what I love. From living life congruent with who I am.

Metaphorically, I am the prodigal son. Juggling is one of the riches bestowed upon me for my return to life.

Long live juggling.


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