Saturday, January 28, 2006

Juggling Thingies

I just bought some Juggling Thingies from John Nord in Texas. They are 3" in size, 14 panel ultra leather, and 130 grams.

I really like the feel of these props. They are moderately underfilled with something (?), probably plastic, that doesn't feel like it will break down like millet does.

The reason I bought these is because I have used them before. I borrowed Kurt's from Vanillatown in the 2005 Portland Renegade because they were more visible than my Ruby's Prop Shop bags under the lights. His were a little more broken in... he's had them for 3 years.

They are a lot lighter than my Sport Juggling Co. balls and easier to grab on imperfect throws because they are more underfilled. Both sets of props have their positives and negatives about them. In fact, I think they are exactly the opposite of each other. Either way, I like them both and I think that using different props will help me develop my technique faster than using just one kind.

Quote of the Day
Failure is nature's plan to prepare you for great responsibilities. ~Napoleon Hill


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