Sunday, January 08, 2006

Goal Sheets Revisited

I made a post 4 weeks ago that announced my intention to return to a practice regimen that focused solely on individual tricks and to see how far I could maintain my motivation during such a strict practice schedule. I had used this practice schedule all last summer to great effect but I had to switch to a more holistic approach and work on connecting moves and developing routines in order to get my skills to the performance level. It's as if I had to move from learning the fundamentals of individual tricks to learning the fundamentals of routines and connections. After several weeks of this different focus is when I announced my intention to return to individual tricks.

I predicted that I could last about 6 weeks. Well, I lasted about 1 week. I blasted through my old personal records, which was fantastic, but then the idea of pounding out more records through this method got stale immediately. I'm okay with that because I wasn't sure how long I could be motivated in the first place. In some ways, I think I've outgrown the individual trick practice schedule. That's not to say I won't ever return to it. In fact, I see the individual trick practice as a wonderful way to SEE if I can break my old records. I can use it as a measuring stick for my progress and use it once every month or so. Also, I plan on challenging myself to learn a number of really difficult tricks again in January of 2007. I believe that I will once again use the goal sheets to track my progress.

Quote of the Day
Nothing endures but change. ~Heraclitus


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