Tuesday, December 05, 2006

The Corporate Message

So, I signed a contract to teach English at a school called "Do Your Best Language Institute." All I've done during my first week and will continue to do for the next week is juggle at parent-teacher meetings. I combine education and entertainment and deliver edutainment. I explain the "juggling metaphor" which simply states: learning how to juggle is like learning anything, once you learn the process of how to learn, you can apply that to anything. Then I add that dropping the ball is like making a mistake and that having a positive attitude is essential to keep motivated.

This has gone over quite well. I've taught the owner of the school and his top management how to juggle. They even made a video of me doing a 3 ball tutorial, another video of me doing 4 tricks: reverse cascade, columns, mills mess, and full shower. And one more video of me talking about the juggling metaphor. The tutorial is already online here: Ed's 3b Tutorial.

In this photo, we are in the teacher's lounge hanging out between presentations. The guy in the middle is the CEO. He is responsible for getting the 3b tutorial made. The guy on the left is famous in Korea. He worked in the "Blue House" which is Korea's version of the American White House. He has been brought on board as an advisor to the institute.

This guy is named "English" Peter. He made a speech to the parents about why this institute is the best to work for. I realized after his speech that British English is a bit more eloquent than American English.

This is "David." David is not his real name. Koreans give themselves English nicknames so us foreigners can remember and pronounce them. David's job is to support the English teachers kind of like an interpreter and liason between the management. He speaks English very well.

It's funny how life gives you what you ask for, even if it isn't right away. I dreamt about doing juggling and teaching the juggling metaphor a couple of years ago. Makes me want to re-examine what else I want from life.


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