Saturday, October 15, 2005

Breaking in the Fergies

I got myself some Fergie Props a few months ago but I am only now trying to break them in. They are the 2 and 3/4 inch versions. When I ordered them, I was using this size of prop and it made sense to order these, but since ordering them I've begun using 3 inch Ruby Props. So I never really used the Fergies despite paying for them and the fact that they are quality props.

Since I'm becomming more into the performance elements of juggling, I have decided to break in the Fergies. They are white and much more visible in certain conditions than my Rubys. I still want to get some 3 inch versions of the Fergie Props, which I was able to check out at the Portland Juggling Festival this year, but it seems that Mr. Fergie is not making anymore at this point in time.

I've found a company that does a very similar prop called Sport Juggling Co. The problem with their props is that they weigh 186 grams! 3 inch Fergies are 167 grams. The props I use now are 147 grams and give me a workout. I guess I'll have to build biceps like Jason Garfield. lol.

In the meantime, the Fergies I have are definitely going to improve my juggling. Since they are smaller, I have to concentrate on grabbing them more than I do with the 3 inch Rubys. I've found that when I switch from the Fergies to the Rubys at the end of my practice, the Rubys are so much easier to grab.

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