Friday, February 17, 2006

"...if you can afford it."

An old man and I had a conversation about juggling last summer. In this conversation, I told him my juggling dreams. When I was done sharing my dreams with him, he told me, “That would be nice, if you could afford it.”

Afford it? What the hell was he saying? How could I not afford my dreams? It’s my life! All I have is my dreams. It was in that instant that I recognized the difference between people who hang on and the people who let go of their dreams.

Maybe it’s a personality thing, but I cannot see myself ever feeling satisfied at a deep, personal level if I am not living congruent with the images I have of who I want to be.

I love this thing called “juggling”.

Hang on.

Quote of the Day
Long live juggling. ~Ed Provencher


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