Saturday, April 07, 2007

Wonderful Day of Juggling

It's so nice in Korea today. It's Sunday and I just finished a 3 hour juggling session. I love days like this. I woke up early because I didn't go out drinking, at some food, watched some of the Siteswaps DVD, and headed right to the park just outside my apartment.

I worked on my 100mm stage ball skills for a little while. My improvement with handling those large balls has been slow. I'm gonna keep working on it since I think they are simply the best looking prop for performing. Performing is something I want to do here in Korea and eventually at festivals around the world, so I've got to put in the effort.

I worked on my box skills too. After the workshop with Matt Hall, I'm super pumped about developing there. I'll be on my way to the store today to pick up a VCR so I can watch the Ohako video. Matt recommended a couple books that I'll be ordering soon.

I did a little contact juggling with the stage balls. My progress here has stalled. I think I need to buy a 4" Acrylic. It's time to widen the skill set. I'll be getting two more 3" Acrylic balls as well.

I finished my session with work on 4b multiplex patterns I learned from the Siteswaps DVD as well as tricks from Ivan Pecel's Instructional and other's I'm interested in now.

I didn't work on bounce today. I'll probably save bounce for days when it is too cold, windy, or wet outside. If there are a lot of nice days in a row, I'll make sure to get inside for bounce practice. I love bounce.

Clubs were neglected today. I've put a little work into them on the nice weather days like this. I still need a lot more work on them.

Quote of the Day
To accomplish great things, we must dream as well as act. ~Anatole France (1844 - 1924)


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