Thursday, April 19, 2007

Korean woman juggles 5b!!!!

I was totally surpised to see this young Korean woman juggling five balls in her profile photo on the IJDb, so I contacted her and set up a practice session with her. It turns out that she's been juggling for just over one year. She's already spent 3 months at the Katakomben in Germany. Not bad for a beginner.

We showed each other a couple of tricks and then passed clubs for a little while. There wasn't much time to hang out since I had to be at work nearby where we met. We're gonna meet up again next week.
I bet money that she's the only Korean woman who can juggle five balls. I'm stoked to have met her.

Quote of the Day
You create your opportunities by asking for them. ~Patty Hansen, Prevention Magazine, 11-05


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